In the Garden

from by Sunil K Chopra

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G D C Bm

When the noise recedes
then we'll meet again, I know it
When it's clear you've seized
The means of production

Em D Bm D
Em D F#m Em
Em D Bm D
Em D F#m F#m

There the truth will fade away.
There the long in debt will stay
There the purist hearts will rend
There the rules of time will bend
There you start and there you end
There divide and conquer blend
There the proletariat
Drive economic engines and

You'll be at their feet
You'll be buried deep, I know it
In the garden's dirt
With the seeds of corruption

I will be a gardener then
I will try to find you and
You'll be held accountable
For the long long winter

When the noise recedes
Is it blasphemy to see it?
When it's clear we've seized
All the means of production

Yeah, we'll be the ones in charge
Yeah, we'll feel the factory scar
Yeah, we'll feel the blood and stink
Of all the debt and feel it yeah


from Cold Comfort, released March 1, 2017




Sunil K Chopra Chicago, Illinois

based in Logan Square, Chicago, IL

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